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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 6, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening, thanks for joining us. developing news out of san francisco, a project that shut down 280 wednesday night is now complete. you're taking a live look now. the on-ramp at sixth and bran nonopen ten hours ahead of schedule. crews worked for more than 100 hours straight to replace a bridge hinge. it will give the bridge flexibility in case of an earthquake. earlier this evening they capped off their work by making the
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concrete side rails. most of the bay area had the sun beating down today. in fact some people felt triple digit heat. this is a live look from our emeryville camera. you can see some clouds out there but mostly we saw blue skies today. our meteorologist has more with a look at the heat. >> the low clouds and marine layers are battling with the high pressure that we had. the marine layer is compressed combined to the coast. so mostly clear skies elsewhere with just the exception of the coast and the beaches. temperatures today reached 102 in lakeport and check out antioch at 99, livermore at 98. san jose 82, and cooler of course at the beaches, 66 in san francisco.
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but that hot air continues to build as we get this high pressure from the desert southwest. i'll let you know how high it's going to be tomorrow and wh you can except some cooling. the heat is a problem for firefighters trying to contain a 6500-acre fire. earlier tonight an evacuation order for 40 homes was lifted. firefighters are having to nf gait rough terrain. boulders were tipped over on the north side of the prior. the bull douzer's operator was taken to the hospital. it's moving through the area because of the dry bush and gusty winds. more than 1300 firefighters have joined the response. it remains 30% contained. today marks one year since the asiana crash. three people died. today many are mourning those who died and reflects on what went wrong. nick smith has more. >> i thought everybody on that
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plane was dead. 300 people burned to death. >> this pilot did not want to give her name but has not been able to shake the impackage of asiana flight 214 crashing one year ago today. >> we saw their entire approach coming in and we saw them hit the seawall. >> three people died as a result of that crash, 187 were injured zbli was at work when i saw my dad's plane, you know, on fire with all of the flames. >> she's talking about her father, a 47-year-old. he was on the fluth and survived. we spoke with her by phone. >> i was definitely praying in the back of my meend and i tried not to let the outside voices tell me that they dad didn't make it. >> after the plane clipped seawall it spun for 330 degrees, broke into pieces and caused fire. and it happened on a day like today, with clear skies. >> i was a little hard to talk about the crash because you
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don't see many crashes every day. >> matthew and his son come to bay front park to watch planes take off and land regularly. after a crash matthew had a talk with his son, one about life and death. >> just being open about things and talking about life and death and things helps him integrate it. >> last month the ntsb determined that the pilots made serious mistakes on the approach and landing of the plane. it was a fatal error because the pilots didn't notice that the plane was losing speed and at tut until it was too late. >> the pilots must understand and command their automation and not become overreliant on it. the pilot must always be the boss. >> other factors also contributed to the crash, including fatigue among the crew and pilot training issues. >> they haven't addressed the
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mund ten tall issue in that crash. >> she was the ntsb report was clear. these pilots were improperly trained. >> those pilot did not know how to fly the airplane. >> almost 200 of the people on board were taken to area hospitals with injuries such as bruises, broken bones and spinal damage. three people died. >> my father survived and a lot of other families survive. there were three people that didn't make it out and those parents are still mourning. los angeles international airport will spend 200 dollars at the end to enhance the safety. the project will bring l.a.x. in compliance with federal safety standard. work with include new grading, storm drains, and pavement. crews will have to relocate taxi ways, service roads and the
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airport's instrument landing system. >> the tsa is taking a drastic step. on international flights heading into the united states, the officers may ask passengers to turn on their electronic devices. the head of homeland security said today it's prof prove that the devices are working and not hiding explosives. the tsa will have to coordinate the effort with foreign governments. it is expected to focus on flights coming from europe and the middle east. there isn't a specific threat but this is a precaution designed to prevent the next attack. we're hearing from a man who survived a great white shark attack this weekend. he was an hour into his regular weekend swim when he came face to face with the shark. the 7-foot long juvenile had been trying to free itself from a fisherman's hook for about an hour when it attacked >> he said the shark came out of
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nowhere and sunk its teeth into him. >> right when it bit into my chest you could hear everything crunch. i was staring at the shark eyeball to eyeball, literally right here. >> surfers helped to save him. this is the first time they've heard of a shark bite in the area. shark sights are on the rise at several california beaches. an alert tonight for residents on the peninsula after a mountain lion was spotted in the san mateo high lands on queensland. police say a resident also spotted one friday night and found an animal car kas in the area. the sightings come after someone spotted a mountain lion last week. still ahead on abc news 7, why tens of millions have been
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spent to rebuild a build. plus a new report shows how much of your personal data to
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the nsa collected information and private conversations from thousands of ordinary americans while spying on foreigners. the washington post reports that the nsa intercepted messages that helped lead to the capture of terrorists overseas. the information came from former nsa analyst edward snowden. over a four-year period the nsa collected information from nine time regular internet users than
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identified targets. the state owned office building people work in are making them sick. the group filed a $50 million claim this week np this is video from 2012 when a window pane popped off and fell eight stories. the state has spent $60 million already to fix mold, plumbing and elevator problems. this bill would force the state to find a new building. but that would cost at least $500 million. right now the state is trying to reunite veterans with unclaimed medalance memorabilia as well as $36 million in cash. the state veteran's affairs office has partnered with the state controller's office. if an account is untouched for three years, financial institutions were companies have to turn that money over to the state. the state even has a letter from one soldier to his mother describing the aftermath of the attack on pearl harbor. still to come, scientists
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made an amazing discovery in the brain. how they can now turn off your consciousness. wit as blazing hot day for some folks in the bay area tonight. you can see the low clouds there. meteorologist fran says glossen is up with your forecast. tim lincecum gets another win. how he helped his new
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well if you can't stand being alone, one day there may be a switch to turn off your consciousness.
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researchers studying a woman's epilepsy inadvertently discovered when they stimulated one part of her brain she slowed down and loss consciousness. they've only studied one person but they say in the results are the same for all of us, it would be a major break through in neuro science. it's a time for a look at our weather. how long is the heat going to stick around? >> we're going the see another hot day tomorrow and i'll let you know how warm it's going to be. some of the coastal clouds are mainly sticking to the coast. it's going to start to spread inland a little bet entire the bay, i should say. it's not going the make it inland. you see what's left of the sunset there and you also see the low clouds, the coastal clouds trying to make its way back into the bay. but it's not going to get far. san francisco 57, oakland 58, san jose 68, gilroy still at 82. from emeryville you can see a
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closer view of those low clouds over parts of the bay prij. 60 in santa rosa, napa at 63, fairfield 47 and upper 70s still in concord and livermore. as we look out towards the bay and the bay bridge it does look gray out there but it is clear everywhere else. we're really only going to see the overnight fog along the coast and spilling into some nearby valleys. warm to hot again tomorrow and then the cooling trend will give us some relief midweek. so the forecast animation shows the low clouds just at the coast, and then notice overnight we start to see some high clouds come in from the south. so we'll wake up to overcast conditions, but it will be a mix of clouds, high clouds and some fog. overnight low wills be in the mid 50s for if most part, 54 in san francisco, to milder temperatures in livermore at 60, 59 in san jose.
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so hot air continue to build from the desert southwest and this is going to bring us the warm temperatures once again tomorrow. but the circulation is also going to pull up some moisture. and you notice the high clouds will be moving in and in fact some of these clouds may produce some rain. areas of green there, that's in the higher elevations in the mills east of fresno. for us we'll see some hazy sunshine. you can find some warm temperatures again in san jose, right near 85 degrees, 96 in gilroy, peninsula will sea low 80s to paollo alto. 62 downtown san francisco, 67. some upper 80s in novato and sonoma and napa. 100 there as well. look for 70s to low 80s in the east bay from 75 in oakland to 82 in fremont.
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and the numbers are going to be hot, very similar to today's day. 97 in livermore, 100 in brentwood and you see the high clouds passing through. here's the seven day forecast. temperatures will be similar to today's number bs u we'll see the passing high clouds. we start to cool down on tuesday and cool down every day to the end of the workweek. >> it will be pleasant against next weekend. >> yes, sunny and warm. colin is in and there's a new guy in town and the a's are ap happy prchls they should be. he pitches for the first time and he dominates. pretty amazing. jeff samardzija, the a's were doing just fine without them but now they went from good to great. samardzija played college football at notre dame. what a first impression.
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fourth inning against toronto, first of five strikeouts. rbi single to right. rbi sing toll right. 3-0. samardzija saved the best for last. just one run allowed on four hits. welcome to oakland. he gets the win as the a's complete a four-game sweep of the blue jays. >> i think i'm a little tired from that 18-hour trip outer here from d.c. so i slept all right. i woke up and i was just excited. you know, i'm getting used to getting to the u field and having to hit. i'll have to adjust my clock a little bit. >> six connections, made an 18-hour flight. maybe that was it. all star teams announce. josh donaldson w pitcher sean kazmir and sean doolittle,
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brandon moss, samardzija made it but he's prohibited from playing. >> i've. saying this for year, you know, that we've had guys on this team that are very talented and that eventually you're going to see, you know, the hard work that we put in pay off. >> nothing in this group was taken for granted and nothing was promised. we've all worked extremely hard to have this opportunity. tim lincecum versus the padres np is a mismatch. bat whaling stuff from timmy again. timmy getting some run support today. 2-0 lead in the third. michael morris, rbi sipping l today. -0 giants. timmy, no hits padres two starts ago. six in the third, six strikeouts, he allowed just three hits. and that one one of them.
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l giants 5-3. they take two out of three in the series. all star representatives for the giants, no buster posey, but madison bum gardner is in. at 32 years old roger federer is ancient by tennis standards yet here he was in another wimbledon final trying to prove the naysayers wrong. novak djokovic trying to prove as well. he lost five of the last six major finals. five straight games to take the set. here he is serving. little decisive fifth set, djokovic just too good in the tenth game. he would break the seven-time champ. double match point, back hand into the net. also his seventh major title. thunder rain and lightning
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postponed yet's coke see zero 400 in daytona so they had to do it today. lap 98, a whole lot of trouble here. 26-car pullup, earlier in the race there was a 16-car pileup. coal whip whips kyle bush. lap 112. white sulfur springs, west virginia. two-time champion, the duck approaching the par 4, 13th. eagle. cabrera fires six under 64. his 16 under par score good enough. tonight at 11:00 on the san jose sabercats wrapped up another title. thank you, colin.
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up next on abc 7 news at 9, comedian melissa mccarthy has been a sure thing at the box office. this weekend her draw wasn't so strong. strong. why the movie's marketing m
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coming up tonight at 11:00 an entire town purchased by a california man. and the new concerns caused by california open ongoing drought. >> plus more problems on the set of "star wars." the new delay in funding. there were no fireworks at the box office this weekend. it was the worst fourth of july weekend since 1987. transformers, age of extinction came in first though ticket
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sales dropped 63% from las weekend. second place, "tammy" $21 million. critics complain it's not the slapstick comedy that they were expecting. "deliver us from evil" and "how to train your dragon 2" topped your top five. that will do it for abc news at 7:00.
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>> you are watching "bloopers!" let's go. i'm dean cain. welcome to "bloopers!" did you know the first vehicle with willes was invented by a man named charles chuck wagon?


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